Young Minds at Work: Blending Biology and Bioinformatics

On-line workshop - 16th December 2022

Dear Colleagues,

We are pleased to announce the first on-line workshop “Young Minds at Work: Blending Biology and Bionformatics”, which will be held on December 16th 2022. The conference will bring together young investigators (PhD students, postgraduates, post-docs and master students) from all biomedical disciplines and will offer a great chance for young scientists to promote their research, exchange knowledge and share their own ideas.

The on-line workshop aims to integrate biology and bioinformatics disciplines, encourage, generate, and strengthen a collaborative network and meaningful interactions amongst young scientists that have different skills, promoting future projects and collaborations.

registration IS FREE

On this website you will find detailed information on the topics, the program, the speakers, deadlines, and the organization. 



 Submission deadline for scientific contributions is December 2th 2022




For further information please send a message to

Conference Co-Chairs

  • Francesca Caccuri (Unibs)
  • Pasqualina D’Ursi (CNR-ITB)
  • Antonella Bugatti (Unibs)
  • Alessandro Orro (CNR-ITB)
  • Paola Fossa (Unige)

Local Organizers

  • Matteo Gnocchi (CNR-ARMi4)
  • John Hatton (CNR-ITB)